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yeah i’m a Male Feminist ;) sex positive ;) pro porn ;) express yourself babe ;) don’t let the patriarchy stop you from sending me nudes ;)

Anonymous said: Regardless of whether or not all your anons are real, can you please stop posting inflammatory material/your anons in the difemina tag? There are bi women and lesbians alike who would much rather focus on other things but you continue to fan the fire. Would you rather the tag stopped being used just because you don't like it? As a bi woman it has been a mostly great experience in the tag, at least until your original post. Just please, can you show some respect?

Another anon I got: "i’m a lesbian and i’m sorry for all the hate you’re getting. we had a really good space going and i hope we can get that back, but i did want to say there are a lot of us out there who stand with bi women and we’re not happy with this either. best of wishes."

Thank you guys for your civil asks. I made a civil original post in hopes of starting a conversation about power differentials that can exist between lesbians and bisexuals that are important to keep in mind in a shared space in the midst of conversations that made it very clear: bisexual women are not allowed to talk about our experiences of queerness if it made lesbians uncomfortable.

I think the vitriol I have received from a post which paid mind to lesbians’ criticisms of the word “monosexual” have made it very clear that we did not have a good space at all. We had a space dominated by a particular kind of lesbian thinking, and when a bi woman shared an experience that was not totally in line with that, she (I, in this case) got bombarded with sapphobia (can the misogyny present in being called a “bi bitch” be called anything else?). I think the people who want difemina to exist and be successful need to think long and hard about this.


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Cottage garden Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers


Cottage garden Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

"I need to say that I don’t think this is actually a discussion about bi women’s right to reclaim the word “dyke”. I think this is a discussion whose purpose is to mark a clear boundary between lesbians and bi women, in order to place lesbians as legitimate/queer and bi women as illegitimate/straight.

It imposes a differentiation that in many cases doesn’t exist in daily life, for the sole purpose of fortifying the lesbian identity against a symbolic “bisexual” invasion.

In many ways, this particular discussion is not “real” but simply an excuse. Take for example the fact that my critics don’t discuss bi men and “faggot”, and the lack of any discussion about lesbians with “passing privilege” reclaiming “dyke”. Do recall that in many cases, bi-identified and lesbian-identified women’s lived experiences are very close or even indistinguishable.

So why are bi women singled out? Biphobia.

- Shiri Eisner from Bidyke” and the appropriation of identities pub 6 October 2013. Additional credit to emiello for the timely reminder of it’s existance.


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Cornflower Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers